•   9 months ago

Discord server

Does the discord server invite not work or is it just me?


  •   •   9 months ago

    Same here. I also searched for it on Discord itself and nothing came up. Perhaps it just has not been set up yet.

  •   •   9 months ago

    I don't know if this is a different link, but I found it on the page displayed right after you register for the hackathon and it works: https://discord.com/invite/enBW7bMKgd

  • Manager   •   9 months ago

    i think it should work now, does it work for you guys?

  •   •   9 months ago

    @Christopher, it's hard for me to say definitively since I already am in the Discord after following the link I posted previously (above), but the link I see under the "Resources" page seems matches that one, and so I'd have to say that "yes," it works. Thanks!

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